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Do you move furniture and clean the carpet underneath?

Yes, we can carefully move most furniture items and clean the carpet under it provided you’ve removed all items from the surfaces and insides of the furniture item. We will also put the furniture back in place with protective pieces underneath. We can not move some items of furniture such as: beds; electronics; appliances; pianos; pool tables; aquariums; antiques; potted plants; connected sectional or modular furniture; furniture with items on the surfaces or inside; and any furniture that may be damaged or cause damage by moving.

What needs to be done to prepare for the carpet cleaning?

To prepare for your carpet cleaning: remove all items from the surfaces and all contents from the inside of any furniture you would like us to move and clean under.  Vacuum all carpet to be cleaned (returning furniture to it’s original place),  Remove any small items from the carpet to be cleaned, such as trash cans, ottomans, toy boxes, floor lamps, personal items, etc.  Please also remove any baby gates or pet gates you may have installed in the areas we will be cleaning.

What do you consider an area of carpet cleaning?

An area is any room up to 300 square feet, hall, or single flight of stairs. L-shaped, combined areas, and areas 300 square feet or over count as 2 or more areas.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice or a $35 cancellation fee will be applied to the rescheduled service. If you need to cancel after our business hours, please leave a voice mail or send an email.

Can you clean rugs on wood floors?

In most cases yes, we can clean rugs on wood floors. We can not clean rugs on unfinished wood flooring. And, we may not be able to clean thin woven rugs on a wood floor.

Do you need to use my utilities?

Our truck-mounted system uses on-site cold water.

How long does it take the carpet/upholstery to dry?

Typical carpet cleaning drying time ranges from 6 to 12 hours at 72 degrees indoor temperature. Upholstery typically dries in 3 to 6 hours. Keeping the indoor air warm, dry, and moving will promote drying.

Am I in your service area?

We service up to a 35 mile drive from Broad and High streets in downtown Columbus Ohio. A travel charge applies for service addresses with a 25 mile or more drive from Broad and High streets in downtown Columbus Ohio. To check your address: go to Google Maps; enter “Broad and High 43215” as the Starting Point; and enter your address as the destination; use the shortest driving distance to determine if you’re in our service area and if a travel charge applies.

Can we walk on the carpet after the cleaning?

Yes, you can walk on the carpet after the cleaning. You’ll want to keep the traffic to a minimum, avoid wearing dirty shoes and be careful when walking from the damp carpet to hard surfaces, it can be very slippery.

Is the carpet cleaning/upholstery cleaning safe for my kids and pets?

Yes, our products and methods are safe for people, pets, and the planet. We use the safest and most-effective products available.

Do you clean vehicle interiors?

Yes, we steam clean the carpet and upholstery in cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and aircraft. The vehicle interior needs to maintain 72 degrees or higher for drying. So vehicle interior cleaning is seasonal, unless in a heated garage.

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