Dryer Vent & Air Duct Cleaning

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Air Duct Cleaning


Air Duct Cleaning Before & After

Air duct cleaning can improve indoor air quality, reduce dust, and make your heating and cooling system run more efficiently. Dust, pollen, pet hair and dander, smoke and soot are all circulated in the air and over time can build up in ventilation systems. Ducts also can collect dead insects, construction/ remodeling debris, and just about anything that can crawl or fall in. The contaminants in the system can be blown into your home every time the heat or AC turns on and can aggravate breathing problems such as allergies and asthma. And, heavy build-up and debris in the ducts can reduce the efficiency of the system.

In the Columbus Ohio area, air ducts should be cleaned about every 3 years. Air ducts should also be cleaned after remodeling and the completion of new construction. When pets or smoke are present or indoor allergies are a concern, more frequent cleaning may be required.

Complete Process

A complete air duct cleaning includes much more than just the ducts–the entire system should be cleaned. We provide a complete system cleaning for one flat rate, per furnace/ air handler. And if you do your homework, you will find our prices are often far less than the competitors that charge a ridiculously low price, then add for “additional” vents, trunks, furnace cleaning, etc. Our process includes:

  • System Test & Camera Pre-Inspection
  • Cleaning of All Return Grills and Supply Covers
  • Return System Cleaning – Ducts & Trunks
  • Fan, Furnace, AC Evaporator, Plenum, & Filter Cleaning
  • Supply System Cleaning – Ducts & Trunks
  • Camera Post-Inspection & System Test
  • System Sanitizer

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Over time, lint builds up in dryer vents and restricts the flow of exhaust air from the dryer. Restricting the exhaust from the dryer causes longer drying times wasting energy, causes malfunctions in the “auto dry” system, and can pose a serious risk of fire. In order to keep your dryer working properly and reduce the risk of fire, dryer vents should be cleaned about once a year. Flexible dryer vents collect more lint and need more attention than rigid vents (we recommend rigid vents whenever possible).

Our dryer vent cleaning includes cleaning the vent and cover–and the dryer exhaust, lint filter, and moisture sensors.

green carpet cleaningWe care about people, pets, and the environment. So, we only use methods and products that are safe. All of our products are non-toxic.

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